Anand Muthusamy

California Institute of Technology
Anand is in his final year as a PhD candidate in chemistry at Caltech. The throughlines in his work are biosensing and “optical physiology.” During his undergraduate work at Penn, he developed chemical biology tools for studying protein conformational dynamics. He then worked at Janelia Research Campus, synthesizing dyes for super-resolution imaging applications in neuroscience. He assisted in an open-access program to share those dyes with academic labs – his first taste of shipping products. During his PhD at Caltech, Anand developed a protein engineering method to generate fluorescent opioid biosensors, including selective fentanyl and methadone sensors. He leads collaborations to apply these sensors in animal behavioral studies and medical device prototypes. He began workshopping and consulting for nascent scientific organizations interested in these fields to further these efforts. Beyond science, Anand enjoys basketball, aviation, music, and traveling to visit friends and family.