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about us

8VC invests across a vast constellation of industries:
Logistics, Bio-IT, Healthcare, IT Infrastructure, and Government.

These seemingly disparate worlds are stitched together by our Smart Enterprise thesis, which focuses on harnessing the power of data integration and platforms to solve important, complex problems at increasingly ambitious scales.

As entrepreneurs and builders ourselves, we know that talent is the single most decisive factor in a company’s success, and we pride ourselves on being intentional about finding the best fit for the individual.

We are looking for candidates to join us in two areas:


Part of our unfair advantage at 8VC is identifying companies solving problems few teams can address holistically, and building products that can’t be commoditized. This requires exceptional engineering talent, with creativity and drive to match. If you want to contribute and grow alongside an equally passionate peer group, we would love to hear from you.


Design bridges the gap between invention and understanding. At 8VC, we believe that the most universal language is visual, and incorporate design into everything we do, from the beginning. We operate our own design agency in-house, partnering with companies across our portfolio and placing extraordinary designers where their talents will be most fully expressed.

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