Karen White

Investment Team

Karen White is an Executive Partner at 8VC, working closely with CEOs and founders to scale their businesses, building on a decade as a key advisor to both 8VC and companies such as Addepar and OpenGov. Karen is also in the process of co-founding a new company within the 8VC platform. Karen has been a driving force behind several multi-billion-dollar companies, and brings a record of innovation, transformation and hypergrowth to 8VC.

Karen was formerly CEO at RMS.  Under her leadership, RMS became the world's leading catastrophic risk tech company, and was acquired by Moody's for $2 billion. She was named among Comparably’s 50 Best CEOs of 2020, alongside the CEOs of Zoom, Microsoft, Apple and Google. 

Prior to RMS, Karen was President and COO at Addepar, which supports over $5 trillion on its wealth management platform. Before Addepar, Karen was CEO and Chairman of enterprise SaaS company Syncplicity, leading it from seed stage to 30,000 customers and acquisition by EMC in three years. Previously, Karen was an executive at Solarwinds, a multi-billion dollar network management software company that successfully IPO’d in 2009.

From 1993-2000, Karen worked for CEO Larry Ellison in various top executive roles at Oracle, driving explosive revenue and product growth as the Internet transformed global industry. During her tenure, Oracle’s revenue grew to $10 billion, profits increased nearly 65x, and valuation exceeded $150 billion.

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