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Aug 10, 2020

Our partners have built many great technology companies over the years as founders or early leaders, and we are deeply enmeshed in a number of industries, debating what is coming next and working with leaders to help our entrepreneurs succeed or to put together new companies.

To formalize our entrepreneurial work alongside our investing, Joe Lonsdale and our team at 8VC founded the Build Program within 8VC in 2016.  We partner with the most talented and hardest-working people in our network to proactively build mission-driven companies where conceptual gaps / new possibilities exist.

In 2020, due to a surfeit of talent and exciting opportunities, 8VC has expanded our incubation program to multiple companies per year which we will be founding from our 8VC SF and soon Austin, TX offices. This means at any given time we will explore a few mission-driven ideas in a serious way across areas like financial platforms, enterprise data and healthcare.

We need ambitious full-stack software engineers to help us explore white spaces, build and iterate rapidly on prototypes and to be part of a dynamic learning environment.  In the past, talented engineers in our network who helped us explore ideas became co-founders or early leaders of important companies.

Candidates should have a strong desire to build in a 0-1 phase, enjoy thriving under uncertainty, technically love some combination of Apps, Workflows, Data and SaaS, and be open to eventually co-founding companies with 8VC. You don’t necessarily need to possess the optimistic-founder gene yourself but you need to at least be able to work hard and tolerate optimists, while giving honest feedback!  We thrive on an open, fast-paced culture of debate and iteration.  In the process, you will also get to work closely with people who helped build generational companies like Palantir and LinkedIn.

Past 8VC Build companies include: Affinity, Socotra, Esper, Shogun, HDVI, Baton Trucking, Epirus, Swiftscale Biologics, Quaestor and Gatsby.

To apply, kindly send whatever info about yourself you deem relevant to We look forward to building with you!  

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